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  • ManoMotion provides a framework for real- time 3D gestural analysis. Minimal hardware, minimal computing power. All that’s required is a simple RGB camera found in everyday smartphone.

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who we are

ManoMotion is a Computer Vision based software company based in Stockholm, Sweden and Palo Alto US.

We are a diverse team of Computer Vision and Machine Learning Scientists and core Software Development Engineers, specialists in stretching the borders of what is technically possible to decipher from a camera. ManoMotion brings unparalleled intuition in human-machine interactions, refined through 7 years of research in gesture technology. We have developed a core technology framework to achieve precise hand tracking and gesture recognition in 3D-space simply using a 2-D camera - available on any smart device!

  • we develop solutions for

    Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality

    ManoMotion provides a gesture recognition framework that allows precise and realistic gesture control for any applications in Augmented and Mixed Reality

  • we develop solutions for

    Virtual Reality

    Bring total immersion and full interactivity in Mobile VR. We’ve implemented our solution in VR to allow users to see and intuitively use their hands in a VR environment.

  • we develop solutions for

    Embedded Systems

    Integrate our solutions with IoT devices and systems and communicate between human-machine interfaces intuitively through gesture-based interactions

  • we develop solutions for

    Consumer Electronics

    We offer integration and optimization across a multitude of platforms and devices. Get in touch with us to introduce gesture-based controlled consumer electronics for your manufacturing needs.

  • we develop solutions for


    We support integrations with simple or complex robotic systems, Establish refined and gesture-based communication with your robotic solutions.

  • we develop solutions for


    Bring gesture-based control & interactivity to in-vehicular systems, Uis and dashboards.

The human hand has evolved over a
million years to become the single greatest
tool we have today.

It’s about time we used it
in the digital world.

depth sensors

Depth sensing technologies are widely used to understand and scan environments. However, depth sensors can also be used for robust 3D hand tracking and gesture recognition.

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Apply for our SDK today and learn how to incorportate gesture recognition into your own applications! Join our community to gain access to comprehensive tutorials, product documentation, forums and guides. Click here to get started.

Introduce a new method of interaction to your games, applications or services.

An avid developer, or a business delivering the next revolutionary service? Get the resources and knowledge on how to incorporate 3D gestural interaction into the services and applications you create. What's more, we provide a Unity3D plugin for both iOS and Android that will let you design the next blockbuster game or slick UI using gestural interaction!

Need a tailored solution for your specific needs?

From supporting complex projects for larger enterprises, to optimizing our solution to specifications (CPU usage, battery specs etc) requested by OEMs, we can tailor our solution to your specific needs. Get in touch with us!

platforms we support

Currently, we support both Native iOS and Android. We've also developed a Unity Plugin for iOS and Android, allowing developers to create games and applications in Mobile as well as in VR and AR. Our solution is optimized across multiple platforms and devices, and we also offer custom platform adaptation and optimization for larger corporations.




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