Year In Review – So what did we achieve this 2016?


Goodbye 2016, Welcome 2017!


No matter what you might have been doing last year (or where you might have been), it’s pretty safe to say that there were some pretty difficult moments that we all remember 2016 by – Historical voting results, the destruction of Aleppo, and the tragic loss of Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman and countless others.

But 2016 also reminded us about the endeavor of humankind – SpaceX announced its plan to colonize Mars. Driverless cars have hit the road. And it was also the year that Virtual Reality has become….well.. a reality 😉

Needless to say, the ManoMotion team has had one heck of a year as well! Here’s a recap on the mountains we’ve climbed in 2016.


We received some critical acclaim

ManoMotion was amongst the top 5 companies shortlisted under Innovation of the Year for the Swedish Mobile Awards 2016 : Mobilgalan. Some acclaim is always better than none, and being considered for Innovation of the year? Wew, that really gives us more fire in the belly!


We validated our business

Every young startup needs a crash course on how to survive and thrive in a competitive entrepreneurial landscape. TINC Silicon Valley (an intensive accelerator for Nordic startups ) proved to be that very important stepping stone for ManoMotion. The accelerator prepared us for potential entry into the US market and gave us crucial technical validation. What’s more, we received significant interest from the large OEMs –  The perfect icing on the cake 🙂


We secured Funding

We’re happy to anounce that ManoMotion secured USD 1.7 Million in seed funding in June 2016. The amount raised is testament to the incredible support of our angel investors. Furthermore, we’d like to think that it pays homage to the hardwork of our team as well as the immense potential of our technology. 2017 will be a crucial year for us as we aim to move towards Series A funding.


We produced an SDK

The busy engine room that is our developer crew has finally produced SDKs for all major platforms i.e. IOS, Unity and AndroidCurrently in a closed-beta phase, the open-beta will be released after the Mobile World Congress at the start of March. We look forward to providing the community with a full commercial release by the end of the first quarter of 2017.


… there was MWC

The Mobile World Congress, held annually in sunny Barcelona, attracted throngs of innovators, tech startups and tech giants alike to witness and participate in the world’s biggest mobile tech conference. MWC presented us with unprecedented meetings and gave us important insights on how our company could manoeuvre the smart device and VR industry. We can’t wait for the next iteration this year, so be sure to catch us in Barcelona between 27 Feb – 2 Mar 2017.

MWC 2016 – VR Demonstration

…there was VRX

In 2016, virtual reality decided to go mainstream. VRX introduced us to some important names within the VR, AR and Mixed Reality industries. In addition, our SDK demonstrations gained much positive feedback and we were very humbled by the advice given by investors and representatives from these industries. VRX was a memorable milestone event and gave us that much needed fuel as we wrapped up the year.

… there was Slush

We braved the darkest period of Helsinki’s winter to attend Europe’s biggest startup event, Slush. The annual conference proved to be a pivotal exhibition for us, where we connected with startups & tech talent in related industries and shook hands with top-tier international investors, executives and the media.

SLUSH 2016, Helsinki

SLUSH, Helsinki – We’re Badasses

… and of course, there was CES

Although CES was technically in 2017, it does come as the appropriate finale for the long year we’ve had. You can read about our success at CES here.

Looking forward

We’ve only just got back from the Bay area in San Francisco, where we were following up on the many exciting leads from our exhibitions in MWC, VRX, Slush and CES. ManoMotion has already hit the ground running this 2017, so watch this space to keep updated with the incredible developments we have in store for you 🙂

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