Accessibility for everyone with sign language recognition in the Metaverse

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Metaverse is a hot topic everywhere. No one will complain if we define 2022 as the Year of the Metaverse emerging. At the same time, different topics are blurry in how the metaverse will work. One of these topics is accessibility.

How will metaverse work to be easily accessible to everyone?

In the years, web 2.0 made crucial improvements to make it accessible to anyone. Therefore, creating an accessible web 3.0 is essential in order not to throw away the work done so far.

How communication could be accessible in the metaverse?

One of the hot topics to be defined is communication between the members in web 3.0. Manomotion works to try to answer this need. 

According to XRToday, the metaverse aims to create spaces for rich user interaction mimicking the real world. Real-world communication uses mostly the voice but not only. Indeed, people deaf-mute use mostly sign language to communicate.

According to that, we prototype proof of concept of sign language recognition using Manomotion SDK PRO. 

The prototype shown as our technology can recognize the alphabet Italian sign language to write down “Manomotion”.

What to use to achieve it?

  • Unity3D with Manomotion SDK Pro.
  • OnePlus 8

(With thanks to Francesco Fastelli who did this work on his own using our SDK)

Contact us if you want to know more or try it out: