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Stockholm, Sweden

Following our launch, we’ve been focusing on how to best serve the community of developers and businesses that have signed up for our SDK.

ManoMotion’s SDK offers an entirely new and unique framework that would allow you to incorporate gestures and gestural-based interactions into the mobile games and applications you create. And while we think this could be revolutionary, it’s still early days for our technology.

It’s therefore very important that the knowledge and know-how around our technology be developed, shared and constantly improved. We think that this can be achieved, with the help of you guys!


A Beacon for Help

To that end, we have recently launched our Forum for developers to discuss everything about the SDK, share their own projects and collectively learn from each other.

Preview of ManoMotion’s Forum Page

Therefore, our Forum will act as a beacon of sorts, a meeting place where great discussion will be stimulated and vital feedback gathered. The forum is not only for us to aid you in troubleshooting and and to tackle the problems you face, but also a hub for innovative and broad minded people like yourselves to solve problems together. As a community, we can collectively develop the knowledge base around this technology.

Feel free to post about anything ranging from the issues you face using our SDK, requests for specific features or integrations needed for your intended use cases, or even your own prototypes of applications you’ve developed using our technology. The more you share, the more this knowledge base grows, and the more everyone wins!


You share, everyone wins!

Preview of FAQ Section – The more you ask, the more we’ll clarify!

As we moderate the forum, we will do our utmost to address your queries regarding our SDK. Rest assured, we’ll do this to the best of our ability!

If you haven’t already signed up for the SDK, you can do so here. For existing users, feel free to also check out our quick-start guides.

If you’re interested to keep up to date with our developments, follow us on Twitter , Facebook and YouTube 🙂



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