AR/VR Innovation Report by XRDC


Quick summary from the AR/VR Innovation Report by XRDC

In the newly released AR/VR Innovation Report by XRDC, a majority of AR/VR/MR developers are focusing on developing games. This might not surprise you since every day some 500 games are uploaded to App Store alone and it is by far the segment which accounts for the highest revenue streams implying that there are many ways to combine business with pleasure and make gamers pay for extra services or premium versions of the games.



At the same time as the interest in games is the main one of the growing areas of interest is “Branded Experiences” such as virtual showrooms and virtual vacations. The amount of developers who are focusing on this has grown with over 25% since last year.

The XRDC report also highlights that most people in the AR/VR/MR industry, some 75% to be exact, believe that AR will become larger than VR simply because it is has a broader variety user case, accessibility, and vast integration possibilities.  

Also, the report highlights the percentage of survey respondents who said AR/VR/ MR will “Never” be profitable dropped significantly year-over-year, down from 8 percent last year to 1 percent this year. So mo

If you would like to read the AR/VR report, download it here.


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