Daniel conducting SDK Demonstration for a Samsung Representative @ CES Las Vegas

Looking back at CES Las Vegas 2017!


CES Las Vegas 2017

Eureka Park, Nevada

3 – 8 Jan, 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!

We’d like to kick off this year by thanking all those who came by our booth during the SDK Beta-Release @ CES Las Vegas 2017! The ManoMotion Team is deeply encouraged and motivated by the great amount of interest and feedback raised there.

CES 2017 marked the beta-release of our SDK, and we are now looking forward to expanding our developer community with our public release (which will be coming very soon, fret not!). Register here to get early access to the SDK.

2016 was a challenging but wonderful year of opportunity for us – The feedback and interest from Las Vegas leaves us with a taste of success over the challenges of 2016, but also an important list of new challenges for 2017. We thank our partners, as well as everyone from the VR/AR, gaming, and gesture technology communities for their support. Our developers and team are working hard to push forward not only our technology, but also our limits. And we’ll be consuming copious amounts of coffee to keep at it 😉

Check out our User Review Video @ CES 2017 :


This year, we’re more ambitious and adventurous than ever before, and all we can say for now is…. stay tuned for more to come! 🙂

Viva la Vegas!

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