Depth Sensors

Nowadays, Depth sensing technologies are widely used to understand and scan environments. However, depth sensors can also be used for robust 3D hand tracking and gesture recognition.

Technologies such as Time-Of-Flight and Structure Light are very beneficial to understand the presence and movements of hands within the 3D space.

ManoMotion technology makes use of existing depth sensors such as CamBoard pico flexx from pmdtechnologies to produce a light, fast, and robust 3D hand tracking and gesture recognition. Our current solution accepts both depth images and 3D point clouds as input.

Supported Depth Sensor: CamBoard Pico Flexx

ManoMotion SDK Support: Android Native and Unity


With the integration of ManoMotion gesture analysis with 3D depth-sensing capabilities of the pico flexx, developers can introduce intuitive gestural interaction to their use cases.

ManoMotion technology takes advantage of the sensor’s depth-estimation capability and significantly improves the performance of the gesture recognition.

Combined with the pico flexx sensor, our gesture recognition framework can deal better with the most challenging use cases, particularly in dynamic VR and AR environments.

What’s the CamBoard Pico Flexx?

The CamBoard pico flexx is a Time-of-Flight sensor offering state-of-the-art depth sensing capabilities. Furthermore, it is an effective tool in recognizing gestures in ambient light and outdoor environments.

CamBoard pico flexx can be purchased and used as an external sensor combined with ManoMotion gesture technology. To find out more about the pico flexx, click here.

Start Developing

In order to access the external sensor, you would require to download ManoMotion Android Native SDK or Unity plug-in. Existing SDK users can access our documentation to get started with the depth sensor. Haven’t signed up for our SDK?

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