Digital Agency – Mobile AR and Hand Tracking Opportunity

As a digital agency, you are constantly exploring new solutions and opportunities to help your clients grab customer attention, engagement and hopefully drive bottom line sales.

But are you exploring the mobile AR opportunity and hand tracking? Gartner predicted back in 2019 that 100 million consumers would shop using mobile AR technology in 2020 and just recently ARinsider also released their research breaking down the Mobile AR revenue opportunity.

Mobile AR is a big business opportunity for digital agencies – time to act now!

Introducing hand tracking to the mobile AR solution is one of the features which will help agencies to take the AR experience to the next level. Here are two concrete uses cases to help propel your exploration into hand tracking powered mobile AR solutions:

Virtual try on

During lockdown, the retailers are finding various ways to engage and support their customers to make buying decisions using virtual TryOn. This concept helps a retailer provide an in-store product experience from home, using your mobile phone. By using the mobile phone, you can augment a product virtually on the hand. This enables virtually try on rings, bracelets, gloves and so on.

By integrating this in the online shopping experience, you will be able to mimic the in-store experience for customers anywhere in the world ! Only your agency’s creativity limits how you can couple this with on-line events, social media campaigns and so on.

Here is a video showcasing the user scenario.


The concept of ManoMojis lends itself to exciting experiences and social media posts. The idea is to simply augment an illustration on-top of your hand to express your-self, sharing in social media. ManoMojis can be used in AR marketing and gaming to enhance consumer engagement.

Here is a video showcasing the user scenario.

How to get started? You are lucky!

There are a few open-source solutions out there, but they are more geared for research and you will probably find your most skilled developers spending an awful amount of time getting things to work. Therefore, ManoMotion has developed a Unity based SDK. This will shorten time for developers to get started and get the first iteration up and running. Besides continuously improving and upgrading our Unity offering, we also offer support packages. The SDK also lends itself to optimisation. If your developer should spend time, it should be on making the solution look polished and great!

To learn more about the SDK, check out or contact me! I am responsible for ManoMotion for commercial relationships with agencies and I love to discuss your clients needs and how ManoMotion hand tracking SDK can support you.

To show my appreciation of you reading this article, I am happy to give you a free trial of our flagship product, the ManoMotion SDK Pro. Just contact me at and I will set it up!