Digital Engineering talks about ManoMotion

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As one of the leading companies in hand tracking technology ManoMotion’s Co-founder and CTO Shahrouz Yousefi was interviewed by Kenneth Wong for his article Redesigning CAD for Mixed Reality in the January/February issue of Digital Engineering.

“With the current 3D hand-tracking technologies, precision is not enough for designing details (CAD scenario), but in many cases provides enough precision to sketch and sculpt in 3D where lower precision is acceptable,” notes Shahrouz Yousefi, CTO and founder of ManoMotion. ManoMotion provides a hand-recognition software developer kit to AR/ VR developers working on mobile applications in iOS and Android OS.

“However, for natural interaction and manipulation of the design, hand tracking can bring a big value. In my opinion, controllers are reliable inputs for high precision design and hand tracking for interaction with the design. One option is to use both for these two different purposes until the hand tracking can provide the required precision level,” adds Yousefi.

To read the article in Digital Engineering