Documentation available for how-to build a virtual ring try on application using ManoMotion hand tracking SDK in Unity Package

how-to build a virtual ring try on application - Manomotion
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This blog is for developers exploring Mobile AR and virtual retail solutions and how to build a virtual ring try on application using the Manomotion SDK ProUnity version.

The concept is straightforward. You sit at home and try ring using your mobile phone and order it without visiting stores physically. You can build an application using the rear camera to help project the ring on your finger.

To help the application developers to understand more about how AR Virtual Try on is developed, we put together a “how-to” documentation outlining the different steps. Click here for documentation. 

Our intention with the “how- to” documentation is to help you evaluate if you should purchase the required SDK, ManoMotion SDK Pro for Unity, and start developing the virtual retail application for ring try-on. Please note – you need the ManoMotion SDK Pro to do the actual development! The free version, ManoMotion SDK Community Edition (CE), does not support the process outlined in the documentation.

The documentation is divided up into four steps:

  1. Get the SDK to extract the information of your fingers.
  2. What options the SDK provides to make visual improvements
  3. Limitations you need to be aware of
  4. How to add the ring

1 – Get the SDK to extract information.

This section goes over basic system requirements helping you qualify your project for the ManoMotion SDK Pro. Then, step by step, it goes over the process of setting up the SDK and other basic steps required to fire up the process and extract the data required for the application.

2 – What options the SDK provides to make visual improvements

This section addresses the feature included in the SDK to help you make an improves user experience, reducing the issues of jittering of the skeleton tracking by applying a smothering effect. The section explains the concept and how to work with the different values and consequences. 

3 – Limitations you need to be aware of

To create a great user experience, you need to guide the user and help avoid poses and situations that are not optimal for hand tracking. This section supports you in your efforts to make the application more intuitive.

4 – Adding the ring

This is the last section, and it covers how you integrate the ring-object with the hand tracking data provided by the SDK to generate the virtual try-on experience.

Throughout the how-to documentation, you will have concrete code examples and Unity frame-shots, guiding you through the process

Once again, the objective with the documentation is to help you decide if / if not the ManoMotion SDK Pro is something you would find useful when developing virtual ring try-ons!

Click here to go to the full documentation. If you are an agency working with a client exploring virtual try on solution – contact Meenu and discuss how we can support:

Also, from time to time, we offer time limited free trials of the ManoMotion SDK Pro – so check in with Meenu!

Reference videos are available on youtube