We help industries embed hand tracking safety solution to reduce hand injuries, enable new type of gesture inputs and control functions.

We save hands!

Millions of hands are injured in different situations - every day! By combining state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence with standard sensors we have a new class of innovative hand detection to automate hand safety!


Use off-the-shelf RGB or equivalent sensor

Hand Tracking Technology

ManoMotion AI/ML solution embedded in relevant CPU


Signals from hand tracking solution initiate safety activities, such as closing down system or other applicable need.

use case


Altendorf developed a new safety feature that uses hand tracking to detect when a table saw operator’s hands are too close to the cutter, automatically shutting the machine in the event of an imminent accident. The solution provides Altendorf with a unique selling point, helping them to differentiate their offering and save hands.

We help improve hand safety with AI-powered hand tracking

From exploration to production

ManoMotion supports the full process, from exploration and prototyping to certification and production. 

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