Interacting with the car’s infotainment?

Many people say that automotive is the market to look at in order to understand what will come to our homes in the near future. Many things that we thought would be coming in years are already here, self-driving cars, in-car augmented reality experiences and displays, many displays, have already been introduced to the driver’s cabins as seen in different shows. Thanks to these innovations, the next challenges are related to interaction. As noticed at CES 2023, many of our visitors came to us wondering whether ManoMotion is a potential partner to them. This is what our CTO and Co-founder Shahrouz Yousefi said about this topic: 

“Our hand tracking and gesture technology can unlock new experiences in the automotive industry, both in extended reality and physical car environments.

From photo-realistic hand presence in XR simulations of car interiors to mid-air interaction with infotainment systems and controlling various functionalities with hand gestures inside cars.

Control and interaction are intuitive for car passengers with ManoMotion vision-based technologies! We provide a software-only and sensor agnostic solution, easy to adapt and customizable for different platforms.”