I’ve worked 5 yrs at the saw mill !

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We are very sorry if you are one of the unlucky ones! This problem has been around for too long and many are affected from the lack of true safety. But this safety issue can be stopped now once and for all!

Predictive and protective hand-guard system via a standard camera

Our vision-based hand-guard system truly revolutionizes safety!

  • With a standard camera we detect hands in dangerous areas.
  • We can even warn you before you enter the dangerous areas.
  • This triggers an electrical signal to stop the machine, to warn the operator, etc.

The solution works on any machine, new or old does not matter.

Saws, drilling, pressures, packaging, cutting, sewing, welding etc. The limit is only your imagination! We can solve any safety issue where a camera can be used!

  • If you are an operator reading this- now you know it’s possible to save your hands!
  • If you are a supervisor reading this- what are you waiting for?
  • If you are a union representative- you probably know what to do if you´ve read this far.

Here is a link to a video showing how it works!