ManoDraw – a ManoMotion community project

We at ManoMotion are proud of our community, and we want to empower them by releasing one of our favourite apps as a collaborative project.

ManoDraw is the first collaborative app using ManoMotion’s SDK PRO. Paint in Augmented Reality using hand tracking!

What can you do in ManoDraw?

This app allows you to paint using our hand tracking technology in smartphones, using SDK Pro features such as the pointer gesture. Our aim is to encourage the community to collaborate in ManoDraw by adding more extended functionalities, such as using other gestures (swipe, grab, pinch) to add more complexity to it.

We have updated our code to our latest version of SDK Pro with ARFoundation compatibility. So, you can create 3D paintings and sculptures in your real world space, no matter what device you are using! ManoDraw was first shown at AWE (Augmented World Expo) 2018 – on that occasion, ManoMotion won the “Best Software Interaction Tool” award!

Link here

Each contribution will be properly listed in the app repo and possibly in future store releases.

What do you need to collaborate?

To gain access, you must be a PRO user or a member of the Alpha Developers Program. Apply for access to the private repository at to collaborate with us in ManoDraw, indicating your ManoMotion account email and your GitHub account username.

We cannot wait to see what you build using ManoDraw!

Jesús, Product Team, ManoMotion