ManoMotion Game On!

Whoever wants to understand much must play much.” – Gottfried Benn

You’ve probably heard of us as the people in the tech that allows hand tracking and gesture recognition. I understand that football does not really fit into this context but bear with me, this story stretches far beyond that.

In a previous article we clearly demonstrated our love for the Electronic Arts and our competitive nature in couch-played football. But different times are now upon us. The WORLD CUP of 2018 is heading towards the semi-finals and we have been absolutely thrilled by the matches so far. So much that we decided to step into action ourselves.

On the 6th of July 2018, eight of the most aspiring ManoMotioners – the rest were on holiday – stepped into the pitch seeking thrills and adventure. The show started early on as the apparels worn by some of the players initiated the first round of tease talks. In an attempt to revive the glorious times of Van Basten, Shahrouz showed up wearing a Milan jersey while Yeray Real Del Gado showed up in Barcelona gear. Finally, wearing Ivory Coast’s national team colors, Jean Paul put on a technical show later on that made us consider the possibility of him being an actual player of the team.



After a short debriefing and warm up both teams vigorously stepped into the game. No Gestures were allowed, both Continuous or Trigger and only one player per team could act as a goalkeeper at a time. Team Mano lined up with Yeray and Vova on the wings while Ignacia played box to box supported by Julio as the last defender. Team Motion lined up as a diamond featuring Shahrouz on the left wing and Manu on the right. Abraham was playing anchorman while Jean Paul stayed in the top of the offensive line.



Both teams showed the will to win which resulted in many highlights of absolutely stunning performance. Ignacia found herself a handful of times on a one-on-one with the opposing keeper and managed to put her name on the scoreboard a couple of times also! Shahrouz and Manu were a constant threat to the #Mano defense line by diving in the inside channels and scoring for their team. Yeray and Vova elegantly played their passing game throughout the lines while Jean Paul forced them to incline with his mad dribbling skills. As for Julio and Abraham, having the opportunity to play for opposing teams, they got the chance to transfer their Vendetta on the football field, frequently taunting each other with jokes and killer one-liners.



At the end of 90 minutes, neither of the teams could remember the score. However, it didn’t really matter much for it was insignificant compared to what was created on that football pitch. The laughter, the joy and most of all, the teamwork and team-effort were the true values gained from that game.


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