Hand tracking, gesture motions, Mobile AR

ManoMotion hand tracking SDK PRO for Unity 1.4.9 is now available. Read more on what is new !

Yet another and improved release of ManoMotion SDK PRO (1.4.9) is out. We will outline stuff we worked on and incorporated in this release.
Windows Unity Editor Support – not limited to NVIDIA GPU

In the past few months, many developers have requested us to have windows editor support in ManoMotion hand tracking SDK Pro. As a developer, we can relate that testing smartphone applications with Unity into the phone is more time consuming than testing it directly on the Unity editor. Therefore, we have addressed this problem and introduced this feature in our new release which will enable AR developers to iterate and prototype without losing a lot of time in between deployments. Just develop your app in Unity and press Play. SDK Pro is available for trial so reach out to us for more information. Here is the link.

Improvement of the virtual try-on functionality 

Stability of ring placement – Based on client’s feed-back, we are applying new algorithms to improve the quality of our virtual try-on solution. We have identified an issue related to finger images in the virtual ring try-on use case. The ring tends to shift down when rotating the hand.  We have addressed this in this version which has improved the robustness of the overall solution.

Positioning of wrist tracking –  The positioning of the wrist was creating the problems in making the experience crisp. We have lowered the positioning of the wrist and improved the logic for the placement of wrist tracking. This will help the developers to develop more robust and more realistic watches or bracelets try on experience. SDK Pro is available for trial so reach out to us and try it out.

Hand tracking, Mobile AR, Augmented reality, hand gestures, gesture motion.

BETA Features

We have included two upcoming features in the beta version in this new release. You can try it out and give us feed-back. 

Support for the front facing camera for Android, IOS or Windows. 

Our ambition is to improve the front facing camera use case over time. We have identified different scenarios that will benefit from this feature and use cases involving hand-training programs (IoT, just to mention one situation), but we know there are many more opportunities. If you have any project in mind where you need a front facing feature then, reach out to us for a free trial.

The front facing feature also includes a fix in order to provide the joint orientation calculation by fixing the left/right hand detection. We are working on additional features and improvements relating to the front facing camera which we will release in coming months.

Hand tracking, Mobile AR, Augmented reality, hand gestures, gesture motion.

Hand texture cut out combined with depth estimation

Concretely this version of the SDK includes the capability to extract the hand texture and place it in 3D. This is made possible by the addition of depth estimation and enables developers to provide experiences in which the hand occludes virtual objects and vice versa.

Hand tracking, Mobile AR, Augmented reality, hand gestures, gesture motion.

Finally, we would like to remind you about the virtual try-on documentation released a few weeks back. Great read if you are developing try on application and curious to know how ManoMotion SDK PRO supports this use case.

Read more here: https://www.manomotion.com/ring-try-on-tutorial/

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