Breakthrough order from US based AR glass manufacturer

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ManoMotion has received its first order from a manufacturer of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses in USA for hand tracking technology that will be integrated in AR glasses.

This software package will enable users to control functions in the AR glasses by moving and using their hands in the AR-viewing space. After finalizing this integration, ManoMotions technology will be present in thousands of market leading AR glasses.

“Exciting times! After years of research, analysis and development – we really got it right this time. We won in vast competition, against deep tech companies from Silicon Valley and Asia. Both hardware and software giants in the AR/VR are investing in this space.

– It is our hand tracking with the new gesture search engine that makes our software twice as fast than any other technology we have seen in the market to date. It both gives high performance and significantly better accuracy in the analysis of the hand. Our solution is not only based on traditional deep learning, it also interacts with our smart patented gesture search engine that is the key to speed up the process. Speed is everything in AR/VR – we all
know it – that’s why I’m so impressed with our development team that have achieved this technological breakthrough” says Lars Österberg, CEO of Manomotion.

The total order value and the customer name is confidential at this point but will be revealed after the integration when the AR glasses are available to the market. This order shows the strength of Manomotion’s technology and opens up the whole AR-market. ManoMotion is now established world-wide with customers in Asia, Europe and USA. The US order is part of ManoMotion OEM business where the company offer software packages that are integrated in the customer’s own product. ManoMotion’s vision is to define User Intent, and by gaining total knowledge on human hand motion by only using a 2-D camera and an efficient, proprietary AI based software package that can run in any smart device. ManoMotion is the leading Swedish deep tech company in hand tracking and gesture analysis in AR-space.

For more information, please contact CEO Lars Österberg at +46 739 739 063