ManoMotion selected as a finalist for the Bully awards 2017!


TOP 60

ManoMotion has been proudly listed as a finalist for the Bully Awards 2017. The Bully Awards is an annual awards ceremony that highlights and rewards european startups of various stages of their progress, for their potential in Market Opportunity, Competetiveness, innovation in Business Model and Execution as well as their Management Team.

There will be addresses from speakers like Neal Dempsey, one of the founding investors in Starbucks, and the media panel will feature top journalists, including Gina Smith, author of Apple founder Steve Wozniak’s biography iWOZ.

ManoMotion is proud to have been shortlisted amonst the Top 60 finalists, and will hope to be selected as one of the 30 winners of this award! We thank everyone for their continual support and hope to achieve new milestones this year!

The ManoMotion Team

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