ManoMotion’s Impression of AWE

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ManoMotion’s exhibition at AWE USA, “the most essential AR/VR conference and expo,” according to Forbes, was a great success. At AWE we showcased our go-to-market product, SDK Lite, which works by using a single RGB camera in any phone independent of lighting or environment; an anticipated revelation for developers and larger companies alike. In addition to SDK Lite, we showcased new upcoming features, such as the calibration-free segmentation technology, so called SDK Pro. Additional features such as depth sensor support for PMD picoflexx, Occipital, Intel RealSense, and two-hand supported software were showcased.


Our progress was received with great enthusiasm due to the potential in a wide-variety of fields. From providing ground-breaking safety solutions for heavy industry to reimagining the way we experience showrooms, our product sparked excitement. Looking to the future, the two-hand solution allows us to imagine the future when users will be fully immersed in the world of AR and have no external interaction tools other than their bare hands and a pair of glasses.


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