Reviewing Mobile Augmented Reality App Interaction Methods

Handtracking mobile
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ManoMotion’s technology has been reviewed by Nomtek. Nomtek is an innovation-driven software agency delivering apps on demand since 2009. Below is an abstract from the article:

“For one of our recent projects — a mobile AR treasure-hunt type experience that consisted of a series of mini-games — we were challenged to find a way of interacting with the app that would be more engaging and fun than a touchscreen interface.

Since we’ve spent some time and effort reviewing various options, we thought it might be helpful to others if we shared our findings.

Our goal is to show you what’s out there and highlight the solutions that we find to be the most promising for mobile interactions.


ManoMotion is a camera-based mobile hand tracking solution that offers a Unity SDK. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require additional calibration. It can scale depending on the needs from 2D tracking through 3D tracking of the hand position and finally to a full-blown skeletal tracking with gesture recognition.

As with any camera-based solution though, it has some technical limitations that need to be considered.

The main one is the effective control area that is only as large as the camera’s field of view. Since we’re discussing a mobile use case here, it’s even more significant as the device in our project would be held in one hand and you can extend the other one so far before it becomes awkward.

Another disadvantage is the reliance on computer vision algorithms, which causes the accuracy to be inconsistent across different lighting conditions. Especially colored light can degrade the experience quite a bit.

That said, we had the chance to work with ManoMotion’s support on our challenging use case (dim colored lighting). It turns out that ManoMotion can adjust their algorithm if the target conditions are known in advance. In our case, it allowed achieving a similar level of accuracy in the challenging lighting as in an optimal one, which was very impressive.”

To read the entire review go here.