A complete Hand Tracking Toolkit for the Metaverse

Very little has been discussed about full hand representation and handling hand occlusion among all the Metaverse lovers. We are not surprised, the actual problem is quite hard to solve and it requires at least one RGB camera. Therefore, IR-based hand tracking solutions such as UltraLeap do not provide this crucial feature for visualising your real hand. We believe that all the XR experiences (AR/VR/MR) should be able to provide proper representation of the hands and handle the occlusion in order to ensure an immersive experience. Users of XR applications feel awkward when their hand is hidden beyond virtual objects or represented by a generic hand skeleton model.

Real hand representation in the Metaverse, a must-have feature for true-to-life experiences

ManoMotion is launching the ManoMotion SDK 1.5.2. The SDK allows developers to create AR/VR/XR experiences using both hands with hand occlusion effects. For the first time, developers will be able to use skeleton tracking, gesture interaction and full representation of the hands with occlusion handling in real time available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Combining ManoMotion’s technology with positional tracking technologies such as Unity AR Foundations provides a powerful tool for prototyping and iterative development in a faster and easier manner.

What do you need to run the ManoMotion SDK?

A smartphone with an RGB camera and the Unity game engine. 

What features are included in the SDK?

  • Skeleton Tracking in 2D/3D for two hands
  • Gesture Analysis for two hands, including static and dynamic analysis providing:
    • Continuous gestures, meaning static hand poses such as open hand, open pinch, etc …
    • Trigger gestures, meaning dynamic gestures such as click, grab, etc …
  • Hand Occlusion for both hands
  • Depth estimation for two hands

What are the minimum requirements to use the SDK?

We recommend using smartphones that are maximum two years old, such as, Samsung Galaxy S20 and above.

What platforms are supported in the SDK?

  • Unity Android
  • Unity iOS
  • Unity Windows

What are the main limitations of this SDK?

  • Latest smartphones will give the best experience and performance. 
  • Low light scenarios can be challenging due to the low quality input.

What should you expect next?

ManoMotion is currently working on deploying this technology in a Web Browser in order to make the solution available for more use cases and for End users to use without having to install additional applications on their devices. A beta version is available for selected users. 

Contact us if you want to know more or try it out: info@manomotion.com