What does the Wall of Hands at ManoMotion mean?

At Manomotion a lot of personalities and nationalities are either still working or moved on to their next adventures. Or not quite so! We have a saying (from the famous song): you may check in, but you never check out.

Why is that?

Experts say that one of the most important aspects of a company is its culture. 

One of the rituals at ManoMotion from the first day a new person joins, is to stamp her/his hand print on a frame together with a sentence that will be remembered forever. 

After that, a celebration follows which usually lasts till late in the night. 

As one of the hand prints says, “You never leave ManoMotion”.

The legacy of this ritual is what we now call The Wall of Hands, situated in our conference room as a tribute to those who work on a daily basis to have the best world class hand tracking technology but also to remember the fantastic people that have been part of building our brand.

We have been a springboard for talents to move further onward in their own careers.

And the springboard has no barriers- every talent is welcome!  

And as you can see in the Wall of hands picture we have fostered many talents.

The Wall of hands contains at least 14 different nationalities. Girls, boys, women, men and students from all around the world. A total mix of knowledge, age and experience.

That mix must be one of the reasons nobody really leaves. No-one has the right solution, but we all together get it right. The joy of getting together for a common cause can be another reason.

Our ground-breaking technology is of course another good reason never to leave.

We are the pioneers, probably also the best, and we construct the future for millions of users.

Hand-tracking, gesture analysis, hand-object interaction, etc. might sound hard to grasp today, but soon we will all be using this technology instead of mouses, touchscreens, etc. because it is so much better!

No day is for sure the other alike. Progress in our invention everyday. Large, global world-leading companies in the pipeline (who actually contacts us) would most probably sound good in any-ones ears. It is still a lot of hard work, but with a lot of fun.

So, why just hands and not other body parts? Many visitors ask us whether we can track other body parts such as feet or full body (which we can!). The answer is always the same, we don’t have enough space in the office to hang body prints of all the people that have been working and are working at ManoMotion.

Many of the people that are not with us anymore keep getting back to us to check how our progress is and how far we have reached since the day they left the company. Some others are helping in one way or another to make us grow because together we are stronger.

You make us proud! For the ones who have “left”: we will make you even prouder.Thanks for never leaving ManoMotion ❤️