Creative Challenge

We are just getting started here at ManoMotion but developers have already been tearing into our early versions of our SDK showing some really cool prototypes. We love what we have seen so far, and we want a lot more of it!


We are now looking for a handful of 30-second video clips of live phone action – showing off the unique capabilities of the ManoMotion SDK. These clips will be compiled into an epic trailer that will conceptualize what the ManoMotion SDK is capable of. The selected developers who submit their videos get 500€ and are mentioned on ad Developer Partners on our webpage.

Do this:

1. Submit a short text (a couple of paragraphs) and explain briefly what you want to build in the form below.
2. If we like it, you’ll get €500 and an expectation to do no more than 2-3 days work, to produce a video capture from a phone of your demo.
3. Assuming the final video is great, we’ll list you on our site as a ManoMotion Developer Partner, and your demo video will become your ad. We’ll also give you some cool “founding team” schwag and future credit towards using the ManoMotion technology.


The process starts off by sending us a brief text or pitch about the demo you would like to build. We want to cover off the ideas briefed below, so they’ll get preference, but we’re open to anything. The text should not be lengthy, but we do have some criteria:

Demo shows off something that can be done with our SDK.
Demo can be built with 2-3 days of work. That’s our expectation work quantity & effort.
Demo has to be recorded live from a phone/tablet; no mockups, composites, or other post-processing. We want to show off what is real.

Here is a list of different functions available in the SDK.
Depth measurement
Degrees of rotation
States of the hand
Continuous gestures

And some fun stuff – extra gifts for videos we publish:

Some very high-quality swag
Credited feature on our showcase page & homepage
Designated as a “ManoMotion developer partner” – we refer opportunities for content creation to you from companies who approach us
Free credits to develop on ManoMotion platform for 12 months.

The production value of your prototype should be as high as you can manage, but the emphasis should be on communicating the use-case clearly. We like to see things like

Control IoT
Remote Guidance
Interactive menu

Feel free to re-use any work you already have lying around or off the shelf assets etc. We want your time to be effectively spent on the ManoMotion aspects, not asset creation etc. You will retain all IP. Again, you retain the IP & copyright of anything you submit.

If you want to create more than one, feel free, we’ll pay €500 for each selected pitch.

Submission date is Sunday 14th of October.

The overall goal for us is to show the market what ManoMotion tech enables you to do so we will not choose 5 similar use-cases. We look forward to reading your examples!

/ManoMotion Team