Protecting workers, elevating profits

SaferHands is our innovative product integrating Machine Learning and AI technologies for dangerous equipment, enhancing Workplace Safety, boosting Productivity, and driving Cost Savings for your business

Decreased Insurance Fees

By implementing our innovative technology, you can actively reduce the number of accidents in your workplace.

The system’s capabilities in predicting an preventing accidents contribute to an improved safety record. As a result, your company can demonstrate a lower risk profile, leading to decreased insurance fees

Reduced Costs Associated with Work Replacement

Traditional response to accidents often necessitates expensive and time-consuming worker replacements.Our technology, by significantly reducing the frequency of accidents, minimizes the urgency for immediate worker replacements.

This results in a considerable reduction in recruitment costs and productivity disruptions, positioning your business for substantial cost savings compared to competitors. 

Become an Industry Leader through Innovation

Embrace innovation through our state-of-the-art technology to enhance workplace safety, solidify your position as industry leader, and craft a unique product that distinguishes your business in the competitive landscape. 

How does SaferHands work?

SaferHands integrates cutting-edge technology with one RGB camera meticulously capturing and processing real-time hand movements through adaptive AI and machine learning.

Empowered by the NVIDIA Jetson board, our system ensures unparalleled real-time responsiveness, dynamically adapting to changing conditions on the fly.

As we seamlessly integrate Machine Learning, SaferHands evolves into an intelligent safety ally, foreseeing and preempting potential risks. This smooth integration with existing equipment eliminates the need for a complex tech overhaul, streamlining the integration process for companies seeking a swift and effective enhancement to their safety protocols.

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Download SaferHands Datasheet

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SaferHands Package

Leverage the Power of AI
  • SaferHands Software
  • NVIDIA Jetson Board
  • I/O Signal light
  • Camera and holder
  • Display
  • Setup QR Codes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

SaferHands is shipped with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX and Linux OS. The software is compatible with Jetson Nvidia Nano and Windows boards. However not all Windows boards have digital output for sending the safety signals.

SaferHands uses GPIO to communicate safety signals. Descriptions of these signals are available in the datasheet.

SaferHands is available as ready to use. Tutorials and documentation are provided to assist you with camera and GPIO installation.

No, but SaferHands integration to specific industrial machines has been safety certified.

This depends on the level of certification and the certification agency. ManoMotion can assist you with this process.

No, but the dual channel support can be considered in the future updates of SaferHands.

Yes. ManoMotion can customize SaferHands to achieve the best performance in your environment. Contact us for more information

3 hands. This feature can be customized.

This depends on many factors. The best way to evaluate the quality is to prepare an evaluation data from the environment to be supported. ManoMotion can assist you with this process.

The optimal distance is from 50 cm to 100 cm. This feature can be customized.

No. SaferHands is developed to detect human hands only. Body detection can be included in the customizations, if desired.

SaferHands is designed to work as a standalone safety solution but requirements of some industries are different.

The Nvidia Jetson boards are not directly compatible with Profisafe protocol. However, there are solutions to convert the signal to a compatible format. ManoMotion can assist in that process if required.