ManoMotion AB has been granted over € 2 M from EU

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ManoMotion has been granted funding of almost 2.2 Million € under the EU program Horizon 2020. The project is divided 50/50 between market development and for developing our existing, patented technology. The contribution was granted in competition with 1 752 European companies applying, out of which only 64 were granted funds. For us this is a verification that ManoMotion’s technology will have an impact on the future Europe.

ManoMotion is the leading company in hand tracking and gesture analysis by providing a patented framework for realtime 3D gestural analysis with a standard RGB camera found in everyday smartphones.

ManoMotion is the first software solution that creates realistic real-time hand understanding, gesture control & hand-to-object interaction in augmented and virtual reality environments. The company is on a mission to interpret human intent and make technology more natural and intuitive.

With one billion AR enabled smartphones on the market and increasing sales of AR and VR-glasses there is a huge market space where Manomotion is leading the development.

For more information, please contact CEO Lars Österberg at +46 739 739 063 or Chairman of the Board Sven Löfquist at +46 708 175 204.