ManoMotion Announces Opening of US Office as Part of its Global Expansion Strategy

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Palo Alto, California, US.  September 24, 2020 — ManoMotion, a global leader in hand tracking and gesture interaction for AR/VR devices, today announced the opening of a United States office to accelerate customer and partnership engagements in the US region.  The opening of the US office is part of ManoMotion’s global expansion strategy, with more offices opening up soon in other countries. The US office will be led by Andrew Hsu, PhD, a pioneer in touch interaction for mobile devices, who now serves as ManoMotion’s Vice President for US Business Development. Prior to ManoMotion. Andrew pioneered the development and mass market adoption of touch interfaces in mobile devices.

With travel restrictions due to COVID-19 and the emergence of hand tracking and gesturing as the rising choice for user interaction in AR/VR apps in mobile devices, the opening of a US office will enable ManoMotion to establish closer ties to US-based app developers utilizing ManoMotion’s SDK products. It will also enable a closer relationship with US device OEMs and chipset partners looking to optimize on their platform ManoMotion’s low power, low footprint hand tracking software.

“3-D hand tracking and gesturing enables intuitive and natural user interactions in AR/VR systems.  This results in dramatic improvements in the user experience and will lead to mass market adoption.  The opening of the US office in the heart of the Silicon Valley demonstrates ManoMotion’s focus to strengthen support of its US partners, and to further shorten the time to market for 3-D hand tracking and gestures in AR/VR systems”, said Lars Österberg, CEO of ManoMotion.

About ManoMotion

ManoMotion is the leading company in hand tracking and gesture analysis in 3D-space. Its proprietary, AI-based software package uses only a standard RGB camera and runs on any smart device. ManoMotion brings unparalleled intuition in human-computer interactions (HCI), refined through 10 years of research and development in gesture technology. AR/VR-glasses, as well as AR software in smart phones and other mobile devices require accurate and intuitive 3D gesture control for innovative applications and mass market adoption, Manomotion is leading the development.

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