ManoMotion has successfully secured capital

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Deep-tech software company ManoMotion has during the spring secured capital of 8.2 MSEK from existing and new angel investors and partners. This investment will secure the company’s financing well through 2020 in combination with the second batch of proceeds from an EU-grant of a total of 23 MSEK that ManoMotion won in 2019.

ManoMotion will use the proceeds to ramp up its sales and marketing operations by capitalizing on the successful release of its standard products SDK Lite and SDK Pro to a scalable business with the software toolkit promoted and sold online.

In parallel ManoMotion continues to grow its business segments OEM (for industrial applications) and HMDs (for Head Mounted Devices) and have won several new deals during 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

For additional information, please contact:

Lars Österberg, CEO

Tel: +46 739 739 063



About ManoMotion

ManoMotion is a deep-tech software company that provides intuitive human-machine interaction using your bare hands, without additional sensors or hardware. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden with a world-class team of 20 employees in Computer vision and Machine learning, ready to scale up its technology and launch it world-wide.

The company provides a software toolkit for application developers to implement touchless AR-interaction in smartphone games, marketing, education. With the software you use your bare hands to interact with objects in a 3D environment.

The use cases for industrial applications are mainly within automation and safety, robotics and in the automotive space. Another key application area is to build in hand tracking in AR/VR headsets (HMDs).