ManoMotion Team visits IJCAI-ECAI 18

Up to speed with the latest innovations, trends and challenges in the AI field.

There is definitely a lot to say about machine vision as the variety of beautiful problems and aspiring solutions make it one of the hottest technological topics. The possibilities and the wide application field have attracted a lot of attention coming from both the academia as well as the corporate world. This was the case for IJCAI-ECAI-18  as some of the best AI & ML developers gathered in Stockholm for the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. In total over 19000 visitors came to the conference and a core part of the ManoMotion team took the opportunity to learn from other players in the field while at the same time showcase our technology.



As our Computer Vision engineers Bo and Manu and Thang mentioned, the quality of the conference was top notch with a lot of interesting proposals and companies showcasing the research directions they are focusing on. From the research side a lot of effort has been placed in cases using Generative adversarial Networks (GANs). This is one of the tools used in the latest technological leap of AI as now researchers are moving from only understanding data – such as images and music – to creating them. One thing that definitely caught their attention was among others the video filters offered by Elementai that created a colorful experience and the amazing picture you see above.



Jean-Paul and Saber, our AI & DL specialists had the opportunity to meet with the pioneers of the field such as Yoshua Bengio, discuss and demo our hand gesture technology for direct feedback. Many of them were impressed by the speed and the technology while at the same time being able to run on a mobile phone with such a limited CPU. Usually they are used to having access to powerful GPU systems with almost unlimited power supply compared to what we are developing our technology for.

In general we were also impressed by the massive interest from major players from Asia such as Tencent, DiDi, Baidu, Alibaba, who all came to Stockholm for the conference. It is also great for our local AI community that these players come here since we can learn a lot from looking into what problem they are trying to solve for their customers.

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