Pico Flexx + ManoMotion SDK in VR!

Now supporting PicoFlexx in VR!


ManoMotion integrates its SDK with the Pico Flexx in VR!


ManoMotion SDK + Pico Flexx VR

In light of our recent developments with PMD technologies, ManoMotion is happy once again to share with you the latest integration of Gesture analysis and Pico Flexx in VR mode! We have figured the balance and complementary use of Depth sensor technology, in our very own Gesture Recognition framework to bring to you very nuanced and precise gesture tracking for Virtual Reality in complex and challenging environments!

Integration in VR

Check out the video below!

In the video demonstration, the Pico Flexx is connected to a Samsung S7 which is housed inside the cardboard. It showcases the combination of the PMD sensor and Manomotion’s SDK in providing an intuitive, robust mobile VR experience.


Hardware-Agnostic, Hardware-Aware

ManoMotion’s technology is hardware agnostic, in that it can work around a variety of hardware inputs. Therefore, we believe that the successful integration with Pico Flexx is testament to our ability to move with changing hardware landscape in the VR and AR industry. But more so, it demonstrates our ability to leverage onto new hardware. Using the latest hardware available, we constantly improve our Handtracking and Gesture Recognition framework to provide near-perfect segmentation in all environments!

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