PowAr – Game Jam Winner

PowAr – Game Jam Winner
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We are happy to announce the top submissions from our latest Game Jam – Superheroes, med with SDK Pro! These are the results from the 3 judges.😀

The first prize goes to IRFAN R with his PowAR. Congratulations.
Second prize goes to Antares and his Powers. Good job.  In third place we have the team Bruno Moya and Avraam Georgiadis with their Mano Strange – Unleash the magic with your hands. Well done! 

The winning submission PowAR is an augmented reality & Hand tracking game for Android smartphones. (“WIP”). A gateway to another world appears in your place. Once you open the doors of another world by pressing the button with your index finger using ManoMotion Hand tracking, enemies will attack on you. You have to save yourself and our world using PowARs.