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ManoDraw – a ManoMotion community project

We at ManoMotion are proud of our community, and we want to empower them by releasing one of our favourite apps as a collaborative project. ManoDraw is the first collaborative app using ManoMotion’s SDK PRO. […]

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Hand tracking, gesture motions, Mobile AR

ManoMotion hand tracking SDK PRO for Unity 1.4.9 is now available. Read more on what is new !

Yet another and improved release of ManoMotion SDK PRO (1.4.9) is out. We will outline stuff we worked on and incorporated in this release. Windows Unity Editor Support – not limited to NVIDIA GPU In […]

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ManoMotion Game Jam Superheroes

Superheroes Game Jam!

We are proud to announce ManoMotion’s May 2021 Game Jam!This jam’s theme will be: SUPERHEROES. Use your hand to do some magic, throw spider webs or make objects levitate – you name it! In this […]

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Ring Try-On Tutorial

About This document targets beginner-intermediate developers who want to build their own virtual Ring Try-On application using ManoMotion’s PRO SDK. You will learn how to access ManoMotion’s features in an easy manner, without any prior […]

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Documentation available for how-to build a virtual ring try on application using ManoMotion hand tracking SDK in Unity Package

This blog is for developers exploring Mobile AR and virtual retail solutions and how to build a virtual ring try on application using the Manomotion SDK Pro – Unity version. The concept is straightforward. You […]

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